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Cleveland Snow Plowing Services On Demand

Getting rid of snow with your own shovel or snow blower is hard work and it can be very rough on the back. Not to mention, it’s cold out there and being out in the cold for extended periods, while also exerting yourself physically, may take a lot out of you. When you choose to outsource the task, by hiring us to perform on-demand snow plowing at your private residence or commercial property, you’ll be able to relax inside, where it’s warm and cozy, while we take care of this tough job for you.


Why Choose Our Company?

Our on-demand snow plowing services are first-rate and they are something that our loyal customers really appreciate. We serve the needs of customers in Cleveland, Ohio, USA, and we’re an integral part of the local community. We believe in offering prompt, professional and caring customer service. Our clean, well-groomed pro will come to you and remove snow via one of our fleet of modern and efficient snow plowing vehicles. You’ll access superb snow removal and our technician will never cut corners.

Residential Services

Platinum Lawns offers snow removal services to all residential homeowners in Northeast Ohio. Within 1 minute you can have your service booked with one of our Platinum snow plowing experts. You can schedule your drive to be plowed one time, bi-weekly or monthly we offer a discount based on how many plows you schedule. Homeowners should start at our 30 minute plowing service in normal conditions our teams will have your drive plowed within that time frame. We cater to residential and commercial clients by offering the very best snow removal, deicing, salt application and ice removal.

Commercial Services

We offer snow removal to commercial properties including shopping malls, business lots, strip malls and more. You can book commercial snow plowing services online securely.

Trusted Services

Whether you want to clear your driveway after a blizzard or wish to arrange for scheduled snow plowing services during the cold-weather months, you should know that we’re a safe pick. We are established and insured, so you’ll be making a smart decision when you place your trust in us. We’ve cherry-picked contractors who bring plenty of dedication to their duties. They know that the continued success of our company depends on their performance. As well, our staff members are polite and cheerful, even when the weather is wild, so they’ll always treat you and your property with the utmost respect.

Since we don’t overcharge for the services that we provide, we are a company which offers cost-effective, on-demand snow plowing services. If you want affordability, as well as quality, you’ll find that we provide it. It’s really easy to arrange this service through our company. Choose snow plowing and add other additional services (such as salting) or go for a bundle of services. We offer one time services in order to meet your needs.


We Want Your Business

When winter snow piles up, you need help. We want your business, so we encourage you to get in touch with us today. Our services are so reasonably-priced and they are the key to getting excess snow out of your driveway or other residential or commercial exterior. Our drivers have great driving records and they definitely make safety a priority. As well, they are committed to doing thorough work which offers exceptional value for the money.

A1 Customer Support

Now that you know more about our snow plowing services and our company, why not reach schedule service today? We have service representatives standing by in order to answer any concerns you may have. Just let us know what you want and we’ll make it happen! We have multiple snow plows available, so we should have no trouble fitting your job into our schedule. In fact, we’ll go out of our way to make sure that your job is taken care of exactly when you want it completed.

Happy to Serve

Some companies just don’t offer the same good service and the same “can-do” attitude. This is why choosing us makes sense. Making sure that you’re happy is what we’re all about. With this in mind, why not connect with us today?

Winters in Northeast Ohio can be very brutal. Platinum Lawns snow removal services is simply the best of the best. We offer an easy online solution for booking snow plowing services. We are well known for our easy lawn care scheduling solutions we bring the same outstanding customer service, quality and ease of scheduling for our plowing services. Book with Platinum Lawns today!


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