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  • Platinum Lawns pros have 5 yrs. or more experience
  • All Platinum Lawns pros have passed our 20 point pro quality exam
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  • No hassles, No mess, No stress
  • I love being a Platinum Lawns contractor it gives me the flexibility to work when i want. I love being able to choose the jobs i want to do. It is a no brainer if you want to have income coming in consistently and with the scheduling they have in place the jobs never interfere with other clients i have.

    Dave Jacobs
    Platinum Lawns Pro

Lawn Mowing in Cleveland Made Easy

Introducing Platinum Lawns

Platinum Lawns was born out of the need for reliable local lawn care services. We decided to bring outstanding customer support and quality service to the lawn care contracting industry. We work with the top local lawn maintenance pros in your area we have a process of determining who the best contractors are in your area. We have already done all the work our trusted pros will contact you within 24 hours once you request services.

Residential Services

We provide our services to residents all over the Cleveland area & surrounding suburbs.

Commercial Services

For any commercial properties please give us a call @ (216) 242-8433.

Leaf Removal & Cleanup

We offer fall cleanup services beginning in September of every year. Just simply go to our booking form and select our fall cleanup services package. We make sure your yard is ready for the spring by cleaning & removing all debris from your yard once the fall hits.

The Future of Lawn Care Service

Cleveland is seeing an influx of individuals coming back to the city looking for opportunities and starting new businesses. Platinum Lawns was born in that same spirit. We are innovating a new way of lawn care here in Northeast Ohio with our emphasis on outstanding customer service and superior quality of work.

Ohio is known as the rust belt we have a reputation of working really hard for what we want. Clevelanders work ethic is unquestionable that is one of the reasons we seen a need for easy, reliable lawn care services. Before we launched our company we talked with many Cleveland homeowners about lawn care. The #1 complaints we heard were the following; no shows, no one answers the phone, bad customer service, workers leaving a mess and poor lawn care.

We wanted to eliminate all of those complaints with a service focused on ease of use, quality workmanship and outstanding customer service. With that Platinum Lawns was born you no longer have to worry about maintaining your yard we have that covered.

Platinum Lawns only works with the best of best lawn contractors in the Cleveland area. We have are own in house point by point quality exam for all contractors. All services are able to be ordered securely online with a credit card. We have no contracts which means you have the ability to have your lawn cut once, biweekly, weekly or all summer with no obligations.

Born in Cleveland

Platinum Lawns was born & raised in Cleveland we are proud to represent Northeast Ohio. The ideal of easy affordable lawn care has it’s roots right here in Cleveland, OH. We stand by our commitment of providing superior lawn care services to each and every customer.

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